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(by Donna Le, 11 October 2011 AD)  Members of the Southwest Oklahoma Writers League met at 10:30 Saturday morning, October 8th, in the Margaret Carder Library in Mangum to hear Donna Le, representative of The Heartland Fountain Project, as she gave valuable insights into writing for the preservation of history, for the documentation of personal experiences, and for the creation of both fiction and nonfiction novels and short stories.  Ms. Le is a retired teacher, a resident of Edmond, Oklahoma, and a member of the Oklahoma Writers Federation.

Those present for the meeting were Melba Combs, Shirley Bustos, Judy Forehand, Jimmy Cox, Sylvia Scott, Robert Nuckolls, Johnie Skalicky, Norma Lauer, Glen & Sue Burkhalter, and Le’s friend, vehoae.

The next meeting of the Writers League is scheduled for 10:30 AM, Saturday, November 12, 2011, in the Margaret Carder Library.  All interested persons are welcome to attend.


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The Heartland Fountain anthology project will be holding a class on Saturday, June 25, from 10AM to 12Noon.  The class will be held in the Clubhouse of Villas at Hunter’s Creek, 1000 Villas Creek Drive, Edmond, OK.

This will be open to those who wish to have their writing considered for inclusion in our published anthology, Oklahoma: The Fountain of the Heartland.  We’ll be concentrating on writing techniques and guidelines, any mentoring needs, and other information which will help those trying to make a decision on subject matter for their submissions.


Go north on Kelly Avenue from downtown Edmond.  Just before arriving at the intersection of Kelly Avenue and Coffee Creek Road, you will notice, on the west side of Kelly, an entrance into the residential community of Villas at Hunter’s Creek.  That street turning in is Villas Creek Drive.  As you go through the gates, you will see the Clubhouse directly ahead, next to the swimming pool.  (Note:  On the east side of Kelly Avenue, directly across from the entrance to Villas at Hunter’s Creek, you will notice the Coffee Creek Golf Club.)

See you there!

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  Press Release from Heartland Fountain, LLC

Writers inspired by desire for revenue or personal fulfillment are encouraged to attend “Magic Steps to Writing Success” presented by the Heartland Fountain Project.  Successful author Charles W. Sasser will relate his steps from being the son of an illiterate farm worker to a prolific writer of more than 50 books and 3,000 magazine articles.

The Heartland Fountain Project is comprised of a group of Oklahoma writers seeking to encourage and mentor other Oklahoma writers.  The group is compiling an anthology, Oklahoma: The Fountain of the Heartland.  Information about the project will be discussed at the meeting.  Writers of all skill levels are welcome to attend from 1-3 p.m. on May 14th at the Edmond Public Library.  The website address is http://oklahomaheartland.com .

Charles W. Sasser has been a full-time freelance writer, journalist, and photographer since 1979.  He is a veteran of both the US Navy (journalist) and US Army (Special Forces, the Green Berets).  He also served as a police officer in Miami, Florida, and as a homicide detective in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He has taught at universities, lectured nationwide, and traveled extensively throughout the world.  As an adventurer, Sasser has, at various times: canoed solo across the Yukon, sailed the Caribbean, biked across the continent, rode camels in the Egyptian desert, floated the Amazon River, dived for pirate treasure, climbed Mount Rainier, and ran with the bulls in Spain.  Sasser has recently returned from dog sledding and polar bear chasing in the Arctic.

For more information about the anthology or Charles Sasser’s presentation, contact Donna Le at DKLE45@yahoo.com .  More about Charles Sasser and his works can be found at http://www.charlessasser.com/biography.cfm .

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